Chronicle of a dying civilisation

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It was the underground hackers and revolutionaries of the early twenty-first century that led humanity into the modern era.
The loosely confederated groups of the discontented and the angry gathered under the banner of the sixteen-century English revolutionary Guy Fawkes, and began to organise against the corporatocracy which had ruled for three centuries.
The group, which called itself Anonymous, orchestrated cyber attacks against the pillars of power of that era, the lenders, the government agencies, and the multinationals.
Little did the industrial financial complex know as it gathered its defences against these attacks that the new age which would overwhelm it had already begun.
It was these fighters who, as they coded and programmed against the system, would clear a path to the modern world.
History does not record the exact moment when they built the first bridge into the digital universe. The insurgency had spilled out onto the streets of America and Europe as the first group of hackers stepped across the void and the new world began.